Backflow Device and Requirements

Since the enactment of the "Clean Water Act" in 1972 (congress amended it in 1977), many states, including Texas has enacted laws, rules and regulations to ensure that the public is protected from contamination of water used to prepare food, clean water for sanitizing and for protection of potable water sources. Texas has had laws for many years, but in more recent years they have began more stringent methods and means to ensure the public safety.

As it stands now in the State of Texas, all potable water sources MUST be protected to prevent contamination including any cross contamination of water sources. This includes requirements on water providers and upon the CONSUMERS themselves. Within the state, backflow prevention devices are required to not only be installed with every sprinkler system, and most if not all areas they require them to be checked annually to insure proper working order of the devices. Virtually all cities and all water suppliers require annual checking now.

This testing must be done by a state licensed Backflow Prevention Tester who has completed the state test for licensing, is current with such license and has met all requirements of continuing education to keep the license current. All municipalities, counties and water providers are adopting or have adopted rules and regulations to ensure compliance with such state and federal laws and regulations with very few exceptions that are allowed for within legislation.

State Licensed Testers are the only ones that can meet requirements to test these devices and their equipment used must be tested and certified each year. Some local ordinances even require that the testing be done by city inspectors, but even they must meet the state requirements as to licensing. Most require the Licensed Tester to register with the municipality and meet other requirements for such licensing.

Requirements as to what kind of backflow devices are to be used is laid out in the legislation, rules and ordinances imposed by state, county, city and water suppliers. The state regulations are the minimum requirements and municipalities or other governing bodies may institute more stringent standards and provisions depending on the sources of possible contamination of water. It is therefor necessary for any contractor, business and even property owner to KNOW THE LOCAL REQUIREMENTS as well as the state and county rules and regulations to insure compliance and prevent possible liability and fines for not adhering to them.

Our History

Our Licensed Tester also holds a state license for irrigation sprinkler systems and has been in the water business for over 30 years. He is and maintains his licenses current and or course meets or exceeds any continuing education required to do so. He does numerous backflow test for not only his company, but for many others as well and does them for the final consumers to meet the requirements that the devices be tested annually.

Besides doing the testing that is required, he has or obtains the necessary forms that must be filed with the regulating agency that shows the test has completed and the devices are properly working.

Need Your Annual Backflow Test Or A New Install Test?

Contact us immediately! We can arrange to make you compliant to insure that there will be no interruption in your water usage. Your water supply CAN BE TURNED OFF for failing to comply with these requirements! We can prevent that in most cases or can insure that you become compliant so that your water supply can be restored.

Testing Commercial Sites in Fort Worth Texas

The city of Fort Worth also requires annual testing of rain and freeze sensors along with backflow testing for commercial customers. WE CAN PROVIDE BOTH SERVICES AT THE SAME TIME! Fort Worth of course requires a Licensed Backflow Tester to test the backflow devices, BUT they require a State Licensed Irrigator to test and complete the forms for the rain and freeze sensors. Our tester is State Licensed for BOTH! Businesses contact us if youhave gotten your forms in the mail and need both done or if you have not received the forms yet and would like to get either or both tested. We Can Do It!

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If you would like to see of short list of some of the places we test, look here for backflow testing localities, of course this is not an all included list and we provide testing services in other localities as well.